Anger and Reconciliation

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In the next part of the sermon on the mount, Jesus teaches about anger and reconciliation. While the law condemns those who murder, Jesus says in a kingdom community such a low bar inadequate. The kingdom can only take root in communities where people practice reconciliation.

Hate and anger are like a virus that grows and poisons a community. If we are going to experience God’s kingdom we must not allow it to take root. God’s desire is for us to experience joy, peace, love and belonging. But unresolved conflict makes that impossible in a community. Instead, God desires that his people live in harmony with each other.

To safeguard the community, believers need to practice reconciliation as a discipline. As they learn to deal with small conflicts immediately, larger conflicts can be avoided. While conflicts are unavoidable, anger and reconciliation must go together.

Questions for Reflection

  1. Have you ever been a part of a community in which some of the relationships were marked unresolved conflict? What was the experience like?
  2. How do I typically respond when people say or do things that upset me, hurt me or annoy me?
  3. What keeps me from reconciling with people who offend me?
  4. Pray that God would reveal to you if you are holding a grudge against anyone, or if you have done something to hurt someone else and not made it right. Will you commit to working towards reconciliation with them?

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