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Following Mary’s Example

December 19, 2021 | by Pastor Peter

Mary’s reaction to the angel’s news that she’s going to bear the messiah is a masterclass in humility and faithfulness. Following Mary’s Example, we can take God’s promises seriously, and respond with humility when God decides to use us.

Zechariah receives a divine promise about a coming baby. His skeptical response misses the mark. Mary, on the other hand, believes the angelic messenger. When God makes us promises, like his promise to look after our material needs if we invest ourselves in seeking his kingdom and righteousness (Matthew 6:25-34), do we act as if he’s reliable? Mary shows us what this looks like.

Mary also stays humble, even though God promises to use her in an important role in his plan. She understands that God’s calling isn’t a validation of her superiority. Instead, it is an act of God’s grace. Following Mary’s example will lead us to become models of humility and trust.

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