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God is Glorified in Our Weakness

November 7, 2021 | by Pastor Peter

Intuitively, we think that if God is a powerful God, then his people should also be powerful. But if we look at God’s people in the Bible, we often see God using people who are anything but powerful. God is glorified in our weakness. It is precisely because we don’t have glory of our own that God is glorified through us. When God’s unremarkable people accomplish powerful things, there’s no denying that it was the result of God’s strength.

While our culture worships superheroes, Jesus tells his people that it is the servant who is the real hero in God’s kingdom (Mark 10:42-45). When we look to best-selling authors, mega-church pastors or charismatic ministry leaders to be our heroes, they often fail us. Instead, it is the faithful everyday Christians who faithfully serve in anonymity that are the real heroes. The true hero might be the person who cleans your church. It might be the Sunday School teacher who always has time to pray with your church’s kids. God judges our life’s work very differently than we might think.

So if God’s glory is more important than our own, we are free to serve him without worrying about our importance. Like Paul, we can embrace our limitations knowing that God is glorified in our weakness.

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