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God redirects our lives

God Redirects Our Lives

December 18, 2022 | by Pastor Peter

Most of us have plans for our lives, but those plans seldom look like the lives we end up living. Sure, most plans require adjustment over time, but when we follow Jesus, God redirects our lives. God isn’t interested in ensuring we have greater happiness, comfort, security or a good reputation. Instead, he’s more interested in shaping us for a life with him in eternity. The qualities that we need–things like perseverance, love, humility, and patience–are the kinds of things that grow in us in response to adversity. Soooo, life often veers out of control in terribly uncomfortable ways.

When we look at the lives of Christian heroes we see this at work. Saul is a man with a plan that Jesus totally upends. He goes from a guy who expects the good life to a man whose life became about suffering for Christ. John Wesley wanted a life of academia but he had to break all the religious norms of his day to care for people who were slipping through the cracks in the state church system.

God disrupts lives, but he makes them more consequential by doing it. So let’s embrace the disrupted life, knowing God will be faithful to us.

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