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Hope in Disappointment

November 29, 2020 | by

At Christmas, we often hope for things. It might be for that present I’ve always wanted or for a chance to get together with our loved ones. But this isn’t the kind of hope Christmas is all about. With Jesus, God shows us how to have hope in disappointment. He shows us that while our situation might cause us to despair, he is working in unseen ways to fulfil his promises. We sometimes make the mistake of trusting him to fulfill our expectations. But this is bound to disappoint us. If we trust in his agenda, and in His goodness, God will show he’s faithful. He’ll teach us how to have hope in disappointment.

Questions for Reflection

  1. What sorts of things do we hope God would do in our community? Is it easy to sustain our hope that he might do them?
  2. What kinds of situations do I observe in people around me that might lead them to give up hope? Is there a way that I could be a part of the solution?
  3. If someone said God was going to do something radical in our community, would I be excited or apprehensive about how that might affect me?

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