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Hope In the Resurrection

March 13, 2022 | by Pastor Peter

The Great Heroes of the Christian faith are characters who trusted God to keep his promises, even when things looked grim. If we take Jesus as our example, we see God’s faithfulness differently. Jesus’ hope is in the resurrection. Ours should be too.

In the Old Testament, we see examples of characters who are revered for their trust in God’s faithfulness. Abram trusts that God will give him a promised son. David writes psalms about his trust in God. But what do we make of the righteous characters who meet terrible ends, like Abel, Uriah, Naboth or Zechariah? Is God only faithful to some?

We might also add Jesus to our list. After all, God allows his enemies to crucify him. But hope in the resurrection rebalances the leger of God’s faithfulness. At this moment, it may seem as if God isn’t faithful, but after the resurrection, the red ink will be washed away in so much black ink.

The resurrection means we can have faith like Jesus did in our humiliation because we can have confidence that at the resurrection, God will transform our humiliation into glory. Then we will share in Jesus’ glory.

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