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Letting Jesus In – John 3:16-17

December 6, 2020 | by

Christmas is a time when we come face to face with the enormity of God’s love for us all. By sending the baby Jesus, God sent the one thing that could cost him everything. And he sent it to friend and enemy alike. But letting Jesus in isn’t something we naturally do.

The people of Bethlehem failed to make room for their newborn King. They just didn’t understand his importance. If we claim Jesus as our saviour, we have no such excuse. While their neglect was born of ignorance, ours finds its roots elsewhere.  Joeseph’s family shunted the newborn king into the cellar because they didn’t know he was their Lord. We keep Jesus at a distance while claiming him as Lord.

So how do we make Jesus our Lord? How do we invite him inside? We do so by following his command, “As I have loved your, so you must love one another.” As we allow our lives to reflect Jesus’ self-giving love for others, we’re letting Jesus into the throne room of our hearts.

Questions for Reflection

  1. How would you feel if you gave someone a gift that cost you dearly and they seemed like they didn’t really care?
  2. Why does it seem so easy to accept God’s gift of the Lord and yet so hard to allow him to take authority?
  3. What does loving others are Christ loved you look like at Christmas time, during a pandemic?

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