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Living By the Spirit

January 23, 2022 | by Pastor Peter

We all know what it’s like to aspire to be a good person and to fall short of our goals. We have chosen our own way, rather than Gods, and the consequence has been a rupture in that relationship. When we want to live right, we struggle to know what God’s will is, and even when we do, we fail to live it out. Is there any way we can live differently? The Good News is, yes there is. God Because God has taken the initiative to repair our relationship, we can become new people living by the spirit.

The problem we face is that we’re conflicted. On one hand, the Spirit calls us to live in line with God’s will. On the other hand, the flesh (our selfish impulses) tries to persuade us to do what is destructive. If we learn to say no the flesh and to be attentive to God’s presence with us, then the Spirit will naturally produce Godly character in us. Living by the Spirit means allowing God to do what he naturally does if we are connected to him.

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