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Mission of God and His People

October 4, 2020 | by

David wanted to build God a temple. God expresses some reluctance. Why? Because tent-dwelling shows God’s people that he’s a God on the move. The mission of God is really about being with his people. He wants to transform them into holy people, people whose lives reflect His love, mercy, holiness, and justice. Temples and sacrifices are of secondary importance.

God builds this mission is built into Israel’s DNA. They are a tent-dwelling people too. God also builds it into the church’s DNA. Jesus is, after all, a one-man, walking tent of meeting. The church picks up this calling from its Lord. The church doesn’t belong at the centre of power. Instead, it belongs with broken and hurting people. The mission of God leads him to reach out to people. Likewise, the church’s mission should invite it to follow God’s lead.

Being a people on the move, though, isn’t a comfortable experience. It means moving beyond our comfort zones. It means relating to people we’d rather not relate to. But it is the only opportunity the church has to be people through whom God works. God calls us to be with people. Where is he asking you to pitch your tent?

Questions for Reflection

  1. Am I comfortable with church being a Sunday morning experience? Or do I long to reach out to those outside the church’s walls?
  2. Do you agree that God prefers tent-dwelling? Why do you think this is his preference?
  3. What places do I know of where lost and broken people are in this community? Do you have opportunities to reach out to them in God’s love?

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