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Proclaiming the Gospel

October 20, 2019 | by

What does ‘Proclaiming the Gospel’ Mean?

The gospel is the good news of what God has done and is doing in the world. But it is also a way of viewing reality differently. Just as natural eyes see Jesus’ death as a failure, eyes of faith see it as God’s greatest victory. The gospel allows us to see the world around us from God’s perspective.

God is in the reconciliation business and everything he’s doing he’s doing to repair the breach between himself and the world. Likewise, he’s working to restore our relationships with each other. When we grasp this reality, we are able to respond differently to the challenges we face in life. We see God at work behind the scenes is all life disappointments and difficulties. This allows us to respond differently, in trusting obedience rather than fear.

If we live this life of trusting obedience, we’re able to tell the world what God is up to. In this way, we can invite them to respond to God.

This sermon series takes its structure from the Book Faithful Presence by David Fitch.

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Questions for Reflection

  1. Are there circumstances I have encountered in which I have a difficult time seeing God seeking to work?
  2. Does my stated belief about what God is up to match with my behaviour?
  3. Have I ever had an occasion to share with someone where I could see God at work in their situation while they could not? 
  4. How do I respond when people tell me that God is at work in my circumstances? Does it feel glib? Why or why not?

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