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Serving God at Work

November 22, 2020 | by

Jesus’ command to love God with everything we have and are might cause us to feel conflicted. After all, most of us spend most of our waking hours at work. How can we love God with everything when financial reality forces us to spend so much time with other stuff? This is, of course, a false choice. Work and worship aren’t competing interests if we learn the art of serving God at work.

Work was always a part of God’s design. Adam was, after all, placed in the garden to work it. Sin is what has made work less than God intended it to be. But when we act as God’s representative in our workplace, our life work is invested with new meaning.

So what we do for a living is largely beside the point. If we do it in a way that cooperates with God in mission to the world, or if we are able to communicate who he is through our work, then we’re serving God at work.

Questions for Reflection

  1. What do I spend my time doing? How might a person reflect God’s kingdom in doing that? How might a person do it in a way that is not God honouring?
  2. What are the challenges and temptations someone in your vocation faces when trying to do that vocation as a missionary?

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