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The Glory of Humility

August 28, 2022 | by Pastor Peter

Jesus challenges his people to accept a humble place in this world, knowing we will be glorified in the age to come. He sets the example: Taking the form of a regular person, God incarnate shows us the glory of humility.

When Jesus goes to dinner at a leading Pharisee’s home, he sees all the guests fighting over the seats of honour. Meanwhile, he takes the seat of lowest honour. God himself sits at a table full of pious people who are content to leave him in a lowly position while they fight for the top spot. He shows us how religious people seeking glory miss the point.

Instead, Jesus challenges us to accept humility in this life knowing the Father will praise us for it in the next. The paradox is this when we set aside our attempts to glorify ourselves–attempts that result in temporary glory at best–we will experience the true glory of humility.

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