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The Gospel is Jesus

January 2, 2022 | by Pastor Peter

Our spiritual eyes give us a distorted picture of reality, which the Gospel (Good News) can correct. But often we define this good news as a transaction: if I believe in Jesus, I’ll go to heaven.” But this misses the mark. It’s not a statement about our eternal destination, the Gospel is Jesus. The fact that this crucified and risen man is sovereign over everything is the good news. The rest is just an implication.

Jesus’ authority is expansive. He is more powerful than earthly powers (Caesar). He holds absolute power over creation. Religion, sin and death also answer to his authority. But if someone is invested with total authority, that’s often terrible news. Historically, the most powerful people have been responsible for the greatest atrocities. It’s not enough for a Lord to have this much power. It must be this Lord, the one who empties himself for all others. Only a Lord who perfectly embodies this self-giving love can be all-powerful without also being all-terrible. The fact that our Lord is Jesus, the crucified and risen one, is very good news. The Gospel is Jesus.

Questions for Reflection: 

  1. How have I understood the gospel? is it good news?
  2. If The Gospel is Jesus rather than a destination, how might affect how I live today?

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