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The Mission of God and the Mission of His People (Missio Dei)

September 29, 2019 | by

The Mission of God and the Mission of His People

Spend much time in the church these days and you’re bound to hear about the mission of God or the “Missio Dei.” What is this all about? The church in North America has spent a lot of time talking about Missions, an activity that takes place over there in foreign locations. But the Christian consensus that dominated North America since its settlement by the colonial powers has broken down over the last half-century, has broken down and now our own communities are places where mission needs to be pursued.

But what is mission? Is it merely telling people they need to accept Jesus so they can go to heaven? In this sermon, Peter argues that the mission of God is his work to reconcile his creation to himself. However, the church joins in on this work by being a bodily extension of the work of the Spirit. The church can only participate in this mission faithfully if it becomes a new creation through the regenerating work of the Holy Spirit.

Questions for Reflection on the Mission of God

  1. How do I understand mission?
  2. Does it change how I think about mission to know that God is doing the mission and I’m participating with him, rather than doing it for him?
  3. If I understand that the mission of God is reconciliation, how does that shape the way I view him?
  4. What do I think God is up to in my community or neighbourhood?

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