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Trusting that God is Good

March 6, 2022 | by Pastor Peter

Jesus faces temptation in the wilderness just after his baptism where God affirmed that he is the beloved son. Unlike Adam, who doubts God’s goodness when Satan tempts him, Jesus stands firm. In each temptation, he gives us an example of steadfastly trusting that God is good. Adam’s doubt allows Satan to trap him. But Jesus, in his unwavering commitment to God, shows us a different way of responding to the temptations that we face.

In Luke chapter 3 we see God claim Jesus as his son (Luke 3:22). Later in the chapter, Adam is also described as God’s son (Luke 3:38). Luke is setting up a comparison in our minds between how Jesus and Adam respond when Satan tempts them. Adam allows Satan to sow seeds of doubt in his heart about God’s goodness. Despite being made in the image of God, he believes the lie that he needs to eat from the tree to be like God (he already is!). Because he suspects God’s character, he tries to seize by his own means what he already possesses.

Jesus, on the other hand, refuses to listen to Satan. When Satan implies that God isn’t looking after him, Jesus refuses to try to get for himself what God has promised. So he’s able to evade Satan’s attempts to enslave him. When we follow Adam’s example, like Jesus’ we try to take for ourselves what God would graciously give us. And like Adam, our failure in trusting in God’s goodness allows Satan to enslave us.

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