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What The Gospel Says About Money

January 30, 2022 | by Pastor Peter

Believe it or not, the gospel has a lot to say about how we relate to our possessions. While we all need stuff, Jesus challenges us to relate differently to the things we own. So this week we look at what the gospel says about Money.

First, Jesus shows us that money doesn’t give you status. Jesus was penniless (Matthew 8:19-20) and yet he is Lord. If a wandering, homeless man can be the king of glory, then Christians must dismiss any notion of status that uses your net worth to determine your value as a human being.

Second, Jesus challenges the idea that money can buy security. True security comes from God’s faithful provision, not from the size of our bank account. Jesus invites us to give up the way of living that always seeks more in order to find a greater measure of security. Instead, he tells us to seek God’s kingdom and to let God take care of our basic needs. As we learn this kind of dependence on God, we develop a whole new appreciation for how God cares for us.

Third, Jesus challenges the idea that money can fulfill us. Fulfillment comes when we live by God’s design. This is when we’re rightly related to God and to people. When we have more than we need and brothers and sisters have less, the right relationship means sharing. If we can’t share, then our money keeps us from experiencing the best that God hopes for us. And that’s just a small part of what the gospel says about money.

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