Jesus is Risen (Easter Sunday)

by | Apr 4, 2021 | Sermons | 0 comments

The empty tomb stands at the centre of the Christian Faith. While Jesus’ death on Good Friday seemed like a catastrophe, his resurrection showed his disciples that he was, the fulfillment of their hopes. Jesus’s resurrection solves their immediate problems. It also demonstrates that he is the solution God promised to what ails us. It’s also good news for our world. Because Jesus is risen and now people can be reconciled to God. Because he lives, we can be a part of a body of people that breaks every boundary. The empty tomb also means we need not fear death. Everything is possible because Jesus is risen.

Good Friday means we can come to God. He offers us reconciliation, new life, and a new family. The gift is ours with no precondition. We only need to ask.


  1. If someone you knew died and then people said they were alive again, how would you receive the news?
  2. Why do you think is it so hard for the people in Jesus’ day to accept that he is the fulfillment of God’s promises?
  3. In what ways do you see the resurrection as Good News in our time and place?

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