What the Spirit Does

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In Acts 1 Jesus told his followers to bear witness to what he had done all over the world. But he also told them to wait for the arrival of the Holy Spirit and the power he gives. In Acts chapter 2 we read the story of Pentecost, where God fulfills Jesus’ promise. But is the pattern we see at work in Acts the signature of the Holy Spirit or something the Spirit does for that time and place. In this week’s teaching, we explore what the spirit does in its interactions with the church.

In any discussion about the Holy Spirit, we often get in fights over the issue of tongues. But the New Testament shows a Holy Spirit that does a lot more than help people speak different languages. We can think of the Spirit’s role as threefold: forming, directing, and equipping God’s people.

Forming God’s People – Peter shows a remarkable turnaround in Luke-Acts. He denies Jesus to save his own skin. Then he gives a rousing speech about Jesus being the Messiah a few weeks later. The difference is the Spirit gives him the boldness to speak out.

Directing God’s People – Sometimes God has very specific directions about what he wants his people to do. Peter takes the gospel to Cornelius. The Antioch Church sends Paul and Barnabas out on a mission trip. Paul is directed to take the Good News to Rome.

Equipping God’s People – God gives his people the tools they need to do the job. He teaches us how to live faithfully in new circumstances. He also gives us a mix of spiritual gifts that help us serve the church, and that binds us together as people who need to rely on each other.

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