Crossings Community Church

A Be In Christ Church in Kirkland Lake, Ontario


Due to the current lockdown, we are unable to meet in person. We will post online services each week on Sunday at 10:30 am on our live services page and on our Facebook page.

a father and son outside the church in Kirkland Lake

Welcome. We’re Crossings Community Church, a church in Kirkland Lake, Ontario.

Life can be disorienting. More and more we’re less and less connected from each other and we struggle to make sense of life’s most pressing questions. Why are we here? What’s my purpose? What does it feel like to belong? Church is the place where we come together to explore these questions. We’ve come to the conclusion that life’s questions are wrapped up in a single answer, a single person: Jesus. We’re a community of people who belong to Jesus, try to walk out what that looks like in our individual lives and in our life together. We invite you to join us as we explore this life, as we are instructed and inspired by the Scriptures and as try to live as a people who reflect God’s love, grace and truth into Kirkland Lake, the community around us.

We meet each Sunday at 10:30 am for worship. Our community members are both young and old, so whether you’re a retiree, a young person or a family with small children, you’ll feel welcomed at our church. Dress is casual, so come as you are. We’re not uptight about our facilities, so bring a coffee, or help yourself to some we’ve brewed.

We value having children in our community. They are welcome to join us during the praise and worship section of the service. During the teaching portion of the morning, We provide a separate children’s program.



In Acts 5, the Apostles rejoiced in suffering. How is that possible? We look at the example of Paul and see that as God moves our hearts to love, we become willing to sacrifice for others' benefit.

Some folks who grew up in oppressive religious fundamentalism learned how to condemn, manipulate, and exclude people. And there is a temptation to use those same tactics as “enlightened” progressives. But love requires more of us.

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How Can I find Joy In Suffering?

How Can I find Joy In Suffering?

In Acts 4 and 5 we read about how the religious authorities persecuted and abused the apostles for their obedience to Jesus. This begs the question: How do they find joy in suffering? After all, joy isn't a normal response when things are difficult. So what is it that...

Giving God the Credit

Giving God the Credit

After the Holy Spirit gives power to Jesus' disciples, they begin to act like Jesus. In fact, you could even say Jesus begins to act through them. In Acts 3, we read a story about how Peter and John heal a man who has been crippled his whole life. But notice how the...

What the Spirit Does

What the Spirit Does

In Acts 1 Jesus told his followers to bear witness to what he had done all over the world. But he also told them to wait for the arrival of the Holy Spirit and the power he gives. In Acts chapter 2 we read the story of Pentecost, where God fulfills Jesus' promise. But...