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Adapting For Others

August 21, 2022 | by Pastor Peter

It’s easy for us to convince ourselves that we know best how things should be done. When someone challenges our way of doing things, how do we respond? In Luke 13:10-17, we see a Synagogue ruler getting shamed by Jesus because he puts rules before people. But we need to ask ourselves if we have learned the lesson Jesus is trying to teach this man, or do we repeat his mistakes? Are we open to Adapting For Others?

God’s people are meant to spread the word about God’s deliverance. But if they’re too busy keeping things comfortable, they miss out on that calling. So when Jesus challenges our preferred way of doing things–our sacred cows–are we willing to go along with him, even if it means killing our sacred cows? Adapting for others means making faith about them rather than about us.

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