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Pride and Privilege – Life of Joseph Part I

January 3, 2021 | by Pastor Peter

God has high hopes for young Joeseph, showing him through his dreams that he is destined to be a man with authority. At the same time, Joseph’s character isn’t fit for such responsibility. So Joseph must walk through adversity to prepare him for his future role. God uses this enslavement to deal with the problems arising from Joseph’s pride and privilege.

While God isn’t grooming most of us to lead a country during a catastrophe, Scripture teaches that Jesus’ followers will reign with him. But, like Joseph, we need to work on our character. First we have to deal with our pride, the value we gain by looking down on others. Scripture teaches that God doesn’t approve of the ways we have of sorting how who is valuable and who is not. We have to accept all people as equal. Next we have to learn to set aside the blinders privilege gif us. People with privilege don’t see the injustices suffered by those not like them. As Joseph becomes an outsider, he becomes more attuned to the needs of others. But as an insider, he was unaware of how his privilege hurt others. By learning to set aside pride and privilege, Joseph was becoming the man who could lead Egypt.


  1. What kinds of people can often be seen as ‘other’ in the church?
  2. Have you ever experienced something that made you think differently about people who you had previously looked down on?
  3. How might being part of a less-privileged group change the way you see the world? How do you imagine experiencing these kinds of challenges might change your view of the world?

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