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The Importance of Church Unity

September 22, 2019 | by

A Unified Diversity: The Importance of Church Unity

The Bible says that the church should be unified, but that can be hard in today’s fractured society. In this sermon, Peter Law examines why unity is so important (the church’s unity reflects the collective nature of the three-in-one God) and how individuals must work together in a coordinated way to bring about the church unity necessary for the church’s work to be successful in the world.

How Am I Promoting Church Unity? Questions for Reflection

After watching the sermon, prayerfully consider the following questions. That way, you may be able to discern how you can help foster unity in the church.

  1. Is there anyone with whom I have disagreements? How have those disagreements affected my relationships?
  2. Do I have a hostile relationship with anyone? Do I have any part (even a small one) in that continuing hostility? Are there any steps I can take to seek forgiveness for my part in that disagreement?
  3. What gifts has God given me that could be helpful for the church’s task of making disciples of Jesus? Am I using them to the best of my ability?
  4. Are there broken relationships around me? Is there a way I can help promote reconciliation between the different parties?

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