Hope in Hard Times – Life of Joseph part III

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Joseph is a model for how to maintain hope in hard times. Sold by his brothers into slavery and falsely accused of attempted rape, Joseph’s life is a mess. Yet, things can get lower still. Joseph interprets the dreams of a royal official, hoping he’ll bring up his case before Pharaoh. But the official forgets him, leaving him to rot in prison for years. Finally, the official remembers Joseph when Pharaoh needs a dream interpreted. Joseph sees his life change in an instant.

God has transformed Joseph through the suffering he’s endured. Gone is the cocky kid ribbing his elder brothers about being destined to rule over them. God has humbled Joseph. But Joseph’s humble position glorifies God. While history tells the story of great men who change the world, The bible is a story about regular people empowered by God to change the world. Joseph is an imprisoned slave and a foreigner. But God gives him the skills to show up the wisest men in Egypt all to God’s glory.

Questions for Reflection

  1. Have I ever been tempted to believe that God had abandoned me? How did I hold on to hope?
  2. Looking back over your life, have you ever seen how hard times have made you into a more Godly person? Have you developed humility, kindness, empathy, peace or other important tools because of the things you’ve endured?
  3. Do you ever struggle with the idea that God couldn’t use someone as unremarkable as you? Does the story of a foreign slave saving his country with God’s help give you any encouragement?

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