The Lord’s Supper

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The Lord’s Supper

This week we’ll be starting a new sermon series looking at disciplines that prepare the church for mission. To do this, we’ll structure the series around David Fitch’s book Faithful Presence: Seven Disciplines that Shape the Church for MissionThe first discipline is the table. Therefore, we’ll begin with the Lord’s Supper. After that, we’ll examine how The practice moves the church to extend hospitality to the world. Along the way, Peter addresses some fears about the Lord’s Supper (what does I Corinthians 11 mean?). After that, we’ll look at how we can practice the Litr more faithfully.  In addition, we’ll look at how the communion teaches us to be aware of God’s presence with us.  and how it can teach us to be present to those outside the church.

Confused about the whole mission thing? Check out last week’s sermon on the mission of God’s people for clarification.

Questions for Reflection

  1. How do I approach the Lord’s Supper? Is it something that makes me grateful or afraid?
  2. God’s judgement was coming down on the Corinthian Church because rich members were shaming wise members. Do my actions dishonour anyone in the church? Do I understand that this is dishonouring the Lord?
  3. When I practice the Eucharist, am I aware of those around me, or do I see it more as just a private spiritual experience?
  4. Am I aware of Jesus’ presence with us at the table? Does this model for me how I can be an extension of his presence to non-Christians around me?